A California man was arrested on Sunday after allegedly piloting a drone over multiple NFL stadiums as he attempted to distribute "anti-media" pamphlets to the crowds below. 

According to SF Gate, the suspect, whose identity has yet to be released, flew his drone over Levi's Stadium during the Seahawks-49ers game on Sunday afternoon and released a number of leaflets that contained messages about free speech and anti-TV news propaganda. 

Shortly after finishing up in San Francisco, the man sent his drone to Oakland, where he pulled the same stunt over the Broncos-Raiders game. 

Lieutenant Dan Moreno of the Santa Clara Police Department didn't reveal what exactly was contained within the pamphlets, simply saying, "It was some type of First Amendment propaganda free speech stuff. Something about TV stations being taken over."

Unfortunately for this man on a mission, he failed to realize that flying a drone within five miles of an airport is against the law -- and both NFL stadiums are located within five miles of an airport. Santa Clara also has a city ordinance that says no drones are allowed to be flown within 500 yards of Levi's Stadium.

To make matters even worse for this guy, his plan failed miserably.

As a propaganda-distribution vehicle, the drone was ineffective, according to authorities. Most of the drone-dropped leaflets were carried away by the wind, landing far from the hands of the football fans they were intended for.


I guess we should award him some points for effort and creativity, but this pilot fella gets a big fat goose egg on execution.