NFL: Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots
Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback Cam Newton waited 86 days to find his future team, but eventually landed with the New England Patriots, who were in need of a new star quarterback. While many questioned whether SuperCam would deliver following injuries and time off and wondered if he would gel with the offense, Newton has proved he's still got it. The Patriots started the 2020 season strong, going 2-1, and while evaluating Newton's performance, it's hard not to also notice his relationship with his team on and off the field.

Since arriving in Foxboro, he has created a quick bond with members of the team, a bond that includes some pretty unique nicknames.

These nicknames include, but are not limited to, "Highway 11," "Doughboy," "Dirty Dave," "Smokin' Joe," "Winnie the Pooh," "Free Mason," "Buzzo," "Burky," "Twin No. 1," "Twin No. 2," "Bo Diddly," "Crazy Legs," "Bent Dog," "Stiddy," "The Hoyster" and "Mickey Ds."

During his press conference, the always dressed up QB1 refers to his teammates using these code names, sometimes making it hard to keep up with who he's talking about.

For weeks, No. 1 has been firing off these new names, but had yet to give away what he calls the ever serious head coach Bill Belichick.

On Monday in an appearance on WEEI, he revealed he calls Belichick, "Dolla, Dolla Bill."

Newton admits there's a level of respect he has to keep with the future Hall of Fame coach.

"You just got to understand your role, too," Newton said. "I'm not about to be walking down the hall and see coach Belichick and say, 'Dolla' dolla' Bill, ya'll. What's good?!' It's not like that."

The 31-year-old corrected himself in a press conference following their win against the Las Vegas Raiders. He referred to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as "Mickey Ds," but smiled, paused and corrected himself saying, "coach McDaniels."

Newton discussed why he gives these nicknames, saying he likes to keep the environment light when he can.

"You just have to keep it fun. I just appreciate the guys for just rolling with it. One thing I did kind of peep from walking in Day 1, there's an aura that you get when you play as a member of the New England Patriots. That aura can sometimes be like [grunting], you know what I'm saying?" Newton said.

"The Patriot Way to a degree from the outside looking in, but from inside looking out these guys they really enjoy the process, as well as myself, and me being a member I am lucky to be here and any time I can lighten the mood in some way shape or form, I hesitate not."

Newton and company are heading to Kansas City to take on the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs this Sunday.