Colin Kaepernick has a new endorsement deal with Nike and he's also got a new jersey for sale. Or did -- until the "#IMWITHKAP" jerseys that bear a likeness to NFL jerseys sold out on his website just hours after they went up for sale. The flat black jerseys have Kaepernick's name and No. 7 on the back, while having "#IMWITHKAP" inscribed on the front. The jerseys are not made by Nike.

Kaepernick announced that preordering for the jerseys was open on Monday, and that there was a limited quantity.

Eric Reid warned everyone that that quantity wouldn't last long.

He was right. Hours after the announcement, preorders closed and the jerseys were officially out of stock.

Kaepernick also changed his tune about where the profits would go. You'll notice that in the initial tweet, Kaepernick said that 20 percent of the proceeds would go to the Know Your Rights Camp, a camp that Kaepernick is familiar with. However, in the sold out announcement, he said all proceeds would go to the campaign instead.

The adult jerseys cost $174.99, whereas youth jerseys were $99.99. They will be shipped Oct. 5.

Altruism is nothing new for the former NFL quarterback, who made a million dollar pledge to charity that he completed earlier this year. It's been a big week for Kaepernick's brand. If there's anything that the past week has proved, it's that there are quite a few people #WithKap.