The Colts are fresh off a prime-time overtime loss, in which they surrendered a 19-point lead to fall to 1-4 and third place in the AFC South, just ahead of the winless Jaguars. Their big quarterback acquisition, Carson Wentz, is still playing on two injured ankles. Some of their best players, like All-Pro lineman Quenton Nelson, are also banged up. And their defense, recently considered one of the best in the NFL, now looks average. But don't tell that to team owner Jim Irsay, who's suddenly guaranteeing not one but two Super Bowl victories (and maybe even more) in the next 10 years.

Yes, you read that right. Irsay took to Twitter on Tuesday evening with an abrupt and bold assurance: "Colts Nation, don't you worry ... We're gonna get The Horseshoe at least two Lombardis this decade. As sure as the sun rises and the seasons change, it's coming! Don't you ever doubt that, ever! You will see greatness! Believe and you will see."

Irsay's tweet came just minutes after he deemed Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson's Monday night victory against his own Colts team arguably "the single greatest performance in the NFL's 100-year history." Why the sudden confidence boost? It's anyone's guess. Like plenty of other NFL owners, Irsay has long preached optimism regarding the Colts, but promising fans multiple trophies and then putting a timeline on it right after a heartbreaking loss? That's one way to appease an impatient fan base.

Also, why two Super Bowl wins? What was the thought process here? Maybe he went into Monday night's game thinking one Lombardi was within reach, then saw Wentz look mildly comfortable in the pocket, and upped it to two? Maybe had the Colts blown a 25-point lead instead of a 19-point one, he would've guaranteed just a single championship? What a fascinating thought experiment.

At any rate, the clock is ticking on this oddly specific and unusually timed prediction. Let's check back in 2031.