Everything's bigger in Texas, including football drama. For what might be viewed as a negligible talking point regarding most teams is an instant headline when that team is the Dallas Cowboys, and the latest evidence of this point rests in the choosing of a jersey number for incoming rookie wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. It was a whirlwind 2020 NFL Draft for the Cowboys, fueled by grabbing a falling Lamb with the 17th-overall pick -- setting their already potent offense up for lethality in the process -- and the 21-year-old made it immediately clear he wanted to wear No. 10 in Dallas.

Simple enough, right? The number was made vacant by the team's decision to not re-sign Tavon Austin, and seeing as Lamb will be primarily operating in the slot, it suited him. That was until owner Jerry Jones stated his want of seeing Lamb wear No. 88 to honor a dear friend of his and, with that, Jerseygate was off to the races. In the end, Lamb was assigned the same number as greats like Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin and Dez Bryant before him, and the result was an obvious side-eye by many at Jones -- who they believe made an executive decision.

For his part, however, Lamb says he made the call himself, and he explained why he'd step into such a massive shadow versus establishing a more individualized legacy of his own.

"I had the option of picking 10 or 88, and I picked 10," he said, via 105.3FM the Fan. "Then, kind of going more in-depth with the situation, understanding the tradition and how much that number means to this organization and how much of a foundation that number holds -- the great legends before me and what they've done with that number. It was kind of like, why not keep the tradition going? Obviously, they didn't retire that number for a reason, so just trying to keep the legacy of 88 going in Dallas."

Lamb spoke with one of those legends first, namely Michael Irvin, before landing on the number. And for those who were hoping to Irvin would get upset over it all were gravely mistaken. 

"I'm not handing it out to [just] anyone," Irvin said, via ESPN's 'First Take'. "In order to get this number, you must be what we call a 'true bred. That means born, believed and bred right here with the Dallas Cowboys. 

"Drew Pearson was that. Michael Irvin was that. Dez Bryant was that. And now CeeDee Lamb is that. 

"And I love this kid. I ain't talking about I like this kid. I love this kid."

The Hall of Famer went on to explain that Lamb didn't wait for a call from him, but instead took initiative to get him on the phone first.

"I usually call all the young wide receivers that come in [to the NFL]," Irvin said. "Before I could do that, CeeDee Lamb called me. We've had multiple conversations, and I love the kid. He's going to be exactly what Dallas needs."

The co-signing of Lamb in the No. 88 jersey extends to Bryant, who remains the Cowboys' all-time leader in receiving touchdowns. 

While Bryant has openly lobbied to return to Dallas, the team has yet to make a move on re-signing him, but also won't close the door on the possibility. In reality, though, granting Lamb the No. 88 more or less shuts down a potential reunion between the Cowboys and Bryant but, despite that likely being the case, the former All-Pro receiver has but one message for Lamb as he begins a journey in Dallas with the same set of expectations as each No. 88 before him -- taking to social media to make sure all saw what he had to say to the rookie wideout. 

"Be you and be great."