Cowboys QB Tony Romo on WR Dez Bryant: 'I have his back'

Bryant has a friend in Romo. (US PRESSWIRE)

Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant was arrested last week after, among other things, pushing his mother and reportedly threatening to kill her. Not exactly the manner in which you want to usher in training camp, which kicks off July 29 for the Cowboys.

But whatever happens to Bryant, the team's No. 1 receiver (at least according to the depth chart) he has the full support of quarterback Tony Romo.

"The one thing I know is that Dez knows I have his back," Romo told ESPN's Ed Werder Friday. "Dez knows I'll be there for him. Dez knows that I'm going to stick up for him."

Romo, who is no stranger to the media spotlight (comparatively benign reasons), cautions against jumping to conclusions in light of Bryant's most recent legal entanglement.

"None of us are directly involved in what's going on in his life," Romo said. "So everyone, the speculation, the articles and things that are written are just people that are guessing. And they're going to have their opinions based on it but no one knows exactly the way that Dez grew up, the way that things have shaped his life and his difficulties."

Fair enough, but given that Bryant has a history of finding trouble (last summer, it got to the point that one-time mentor Deion Sanders threw up his hands and admitted that the Cowboys' wideout "needs help"), it might be in his best interest to avoid any situation that has the slightest possibility of escalating to involve the police.

As for Bryant's latest run-in, Romo was both reflective and realistic.

"Stuff happens and we all wish that certain things wouldn't, and I know that he's going to try to make sure in the future those things don't happen again," Romo said. "But friends and your teammates don't leave you during those moments. They come back and they tell you that we're here for you. Our football team is a close-knit team, and these moments should show that."

As the old saying goes: winning fixes everything. The problem: the Cowboys not only haven't made the playoffs in two seasons, they haven't finished above .500. If they start slow again in 2012, expect to hear more about both Romo and Bryant.

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