Dak Prescott has yet to sign the exclusive franchise tag the Dallas Cowboys placed on him ahead of the start of the league year, but that doesn't mean he isn't motivated to sign something with the team. According to CBS Sports' Patrik Walker, "progress has resumed" on talks between the two sides regarding a contract extension, with the Cowboys now willing to work toward a shorter-term deal than ones they have previously offered the young quarterback.

The 26-year-old Prescott, who threw a career-high 30 touchdown passes in 2019, has not been in a hurry to give Dallas a hometown discount. Multiple times, per reports, he's turned down lucrative offers from the Cowboys, including a deal that would've paid him $33 million per year and included more than $105 million in guaranteed money.

He's also threatened an offseason holdout, according to Walker, in an attempt to accelerate talks. But now that the Cowboys can no longer begin their offseason program on April 6 (all workouts have been suspended indefinitely in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic), "the next 'soft deadline' is no longer a thing," as Walker reported Wednesday.

The hard deadline, of course, for a long-term agreement between the two sides -- and any other franchised player -- is July 15. And both sides, Walker added, "still want this resolved as soon as possible." The Cowboys, in fact, have changed their tune in regards to the length of a future extension, showing a willingness to reduce the terms from initial offers -- which would've locked up Prescott for as many as seven years -- closer to five years. Prescott is still angling for a four-year agreement, Walker added.