The Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers are no strangers to each other. Not only are they two of the most storied franchises in NFL history, as well as two of the most successful, but they've also been in each other's way a time or two -- to say the least. It's an age-old rivalry that may not have the bloodlust it once had, but you can still feel the tension in the air when the two take the field to battle each other. The NFL is banking on that electricity to be present to open the preseason, and there's plenty to suggest it will.

It's been announced the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game will feature the Cowboys and Steelers locking horns in 2020, and you could've probably guessed that would be the case. Why? Well, in a year that will also see legendary former head coaches Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher both be [finally] inducted into Canton, it stands to reason the NFL would capitalize on their immortalizing by pitting their two former teams against each other.

This stretches the preseason to five games for both clubs though, and that can either be a positive or a negative, depending upon which side of the coin you're looking at. The added game provides the teams more opportunity to assess their roster before being forced to slash it from a robust 90-man head count to a mandatory 53 at the end of August, but also opens players up for more exposure to potential injury -- a current point of contention in the collective bargaining agreement. 

In the end, it'll be what it'll be, and the NFL has what can only be described as a perfect matchup for the Hall of Fame Game this preseason, considering the induction of Johnson and Cowher. It won't be the last time the Cowboys and Steelers meet in 2020, already set to meet at some point during the regular season at AT&T Stadium.

The NFL will release the full preseason and regular season schedule in April.