Chicago may be on the rise in the NFL with a franchise quarterback, but Danica Patrick is no longer pulling for Da Bears. In fact, she's pulling for their fiercest rival.

Raised a Bears fan, the former NASCAR star hasn't been shy about touting her status as a power couple alongside Aaron Rodgers, and since Aaron Rodgers just happens to be the Green Bay Packers quarterback, Jimmy Kimmel couldn't help but ask Patrick about her NFL loyalties on Monday.

When asked whether she's now rooting for Rodgers' Packers, she didn't just confirm she'd switched sides in the NFC North. She renounced her Bears fandom in force, saying she's "the biggest Packers fan" now that A-Rod is her man.

That, of course, means Patrick might still have to smooth things over with her dad, who once said he was planning to tackle Rodgers while wearing a Brian Urlacher jersey.