You may have to forgive the Redskins if they don't exactly know how to properly handle winning a football game -- it's somewhat of a rare occasion. That's why we have to be a little easy on Washington's rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins for the way things played out at the end of his first win on Sunday. 

As the Redskins lined up for victory formation in the final seconds of their 19-16 win over the Detroit Lions, Haskins was no where to be found. The Washington coaching staff was looking for Haskins on the sideline but to no avail, so in his place they sent backup QB Case Keenum to take the final snap of the game to run out the clock. It was a curious ending and now we know how it came about: Haskins was busy taking a selfie with a fan because he thought the game was already over. 

Haskins, 22, blamed the lapse in awareness on his excitement over the comeback win. 

"I was so hyped, I broke a water bottle," Haskins said, via ESPN. "I look up and we're in victory [formation]. I thought the game was over with already, but I'll get it next time."

Redskins interim coach Bill Callahan wasn't thrilled that his QB went M.I.A. for a few moments while there was still time on the clock but, lucky for Haskins, it's harder to be really mad after a victory.

"No, I don't laugh at it," Callahan said. "I'm happy we won. We'll address that. I'm just pleased we won the game."

One person who seemed a little more upset than Callahan was former Redskins quarterback Joe Theissmann, who tweeted after the game that Haskins was "unprofessional and wrong." Unfortunately for Theismann, this was an easy gateway for relentless "ok boomer" jokes -- including one from the fan who Haskins took the selfie win.

For what it's worth, that fan elected to catch some of the blame and blowback by admitting he shouldn't have distracted Haskins in that moment. But while some might criticize Haskins for his immaturity and lack of presence in those final seconds, the fan believes the quarterback was still doing something valuable.

"I feel like Haskins was doing the team and the NFL a huge service by making that connection and reestablishing that bond with the fans," said 24-year-old Jaime Lopez-Verduzco, via NBC Sports Washington. "A lot of times, when they disassociate themselves from the fans, they lose that bond, they don't have that was a very special connection."