Jim Schwartz is among the Cleveland Browns' head coaching candidates, but even if the Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator doesn't get a promotion, it's not a sure thing he'll return to Doug Pederson's staff.

Pederson addressed the media Wednesday along with Eagles general manager Howie Roseman, and when asked whether offensive coordinator Mike Groh and wide receivers coach Carson Walch, both heavily scrutinized by fans and local reporters in 2019, would be back in 2020, Pederson gave a definitive "yes." Later asked about Schwartz's future, however, Pederson was ambiguous.

First, the head coach appeared to misunderstand a query about whether Schwartz would come back to Philadelphia after interviewing with the Browns.

"He'll be on a plane back here at some point after the interview," Pederson said.

Informed that the question was actually about whether Schwartz would continue as the Eagles' defensive coordinator if he doesn't get the Browns job, Pederson was noncommittal: "I would assume yes," he said. "Jim, he is currently my DC, yeah."

Things got even fuzzier later in the press conference, when reporters pointed out that he'd said Groh and Walch would definitely be back but wouldn't commit to Schwartz. That's when Pederson backpedaled on all of his statements regarding the future of his staff, instead suggesting he's still undecided on the entire staff moving forward.

"Listen, with all my staff guys, I'm in that process right now," he said. "I'm evaluating, and I would love to have them all back ... As I evaluate and look, we're only three days removed from the season, so ... we're still evaluating, and all my coaches are in that evaluation process ... I'm still evaluating the whole process. They're still currently here. And I'm going to continue to evaluate and assemble my staff moving forward, but currently, yes, they're still here."

The 53-year-old Schwartz was part of Pederson's original staff, though his 2016 hire reportedly came even before Pederson himself was settled in as head coach. A coordinator with the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans, as well as a head coach with the Detroit Lions, before coming to Philly, he helped guide the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory in 2017. While his defenses have drawn criticism for pass-coverage struggles, they've also generally thrived in the red zone and by forcing takeaways, finishing as the NFL's 10th-ranked unit in 2019.