It's a good thing Tim Tebow has decided to move on to a baseball career, because apparently, he had no future in football.

If you didn't come to that conclusion on your own after watching him play in the NFL for three years, maybe David Anderson can help you.

The former NFL wide receiver says that Tebow is the worst pro quarterback that he's ever seen, which is saying a lot coming from Anderson, because the receiver played with the likes of Rex Grossman, John Beck, Matt Schaub, T.J. Yates, Jake Delhomme, Matt Leinart, Sage Rosenfels, and David Carr during his six year career (2006-11 in Houston, 2011 in Washington).

Anderson only spent 35 days as Tebow's teammate, but it was enough for him to conclude that Tebow has zero NFL talent. Anderson signed with the Broncos in July 2011, and then slowly realized he probably wasn't going to make the team because he was stuck with Tebow as his quarterback during most drills.

So what was Tebow's biggest problem?

Anderson gave a lengthy answer to that question during a recent interview with Fox Sports Radio.

"His mechanics really throw you off as a receiver because you're not really sure when the ball is coming," Anderson said.

So why's that bad?

"If you're playing in the middle of the field, you need to know when the ball's coming and you need to know quickly because there's a lot of traffic in there," Anderson said. "He'd look like he was staring you down, which can't happen, and then he'd throw the ball late, which can't happen."

One of Tebow's other problems is that he couldn't quickly scan the field to look at all his options on each play.

"He could not quickly go from one to two to three [on his receiving progression]," Anderson said. "Say whatever you want, he could go scramble and make plays, that's great, but that also throws you off as a receiver. Off-schedule plays can happen, but they can't consistently happen and they'd consistently happen with Tebow and it was hard to know when you were going to get involved in the offense."

Tim Tebow's run in the NFL appears to be over. Getty Images

Tebow's lack of talent eliminated almost half the playbook in Denver, according to Anderson.

"If he can't throw the ball over the middle to the third receiver, that eliminates an entire personnel group to play with," Anderson said. "When Tebow was on the field, you saw a lot of [two tight end formations]."

With two tight ends on the field, that means most defenses would have more linebackers on the field, which means Tebow couldn't run them over if he was forced to scramble.

"You couldn't switch up the personnel with Tim Tebow," Anderson said. "It was a two-tight, two receiver football game with him and he wasn't able to throw the ball downfield and he wasn't able to throw the football in the middle of the field, and he was really limited in creating plays with his feet, because you can't do that as much as you can in college. You just can't, you're going to get sacked and you're going to lose. You can't overcome third-and-7's and third-and-8's as often as you can in college."

Anderson also wasn't impressed with Tebow's "rah-rah" speeches.

"Say what you want about his rah-rah speeches ... but you're a professional football player," Anderson said. "I'm here, I have mouths to feed. I don't need a-come-to-Jesus meeting in the huddle. I need you to give me the play and let's get out there and let's see what the defense is doing. I don't need all this rah-rah talk, and that got shut down early."

And just in case you're wondering, Anderson likes Tebow as a person, he's just being brutally honest about his skills as a football player.

"Great guy. Really nice in the locker room, but you know what, give me the play and let's go play football," Anderson said.

After all that, Fox Radio host Jonas Knox made sure to get in one more question.

"Was he the worst quarterback you played with in NFL," Knox asked.

"Uh, yes," Anderson replied.

Let's hope for Tebow's sake that this baseball thing works out.