For the first time in what seems like forever, there will be more than 32 quarterbacks in the NFL worthy of a starting gig. So much so that two former No. 1 overall picks are still looking for new NFL homes -- and it's likely that they will be waiting until the 2020 NFL Draft comes to an end.

While there appears to be a job opening with the Miami Dolphins, many believe they will take either Tua Tagovailoa out of Alabama or Justin Herbert out of Oregon in the first round. In fact, while many don't consider this quarterback class to be one of the most elite per se, there are several interesting quarterbacks teams will take advantage of in the later rounds. Waiting to see where some of the quarterbacks in this draft to land is one of the main things holding up both Cam Newton and Jameis Winston in their pursuit to find new teams. They both understand this, however, which is why they are willing to be patient before they put pen to paper with a new franchise. 

On Monday, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported that the NFL's reigning passing champion is willing to wait to let the dust settle from the draft before he makes a decision on his next team. 

"There is active conversations between Jameis Winston, his agent and NFL teams," said Rapoport. "I know there has been discussions. From what I understand, he's really being methodical and trying to work this through slowly, there's really no rush now, obviously free agency is basically over -- the bulk of it. He remained out there and at this point, the only rush, the only reason to take a deal now is to prevent a team from taking some sort of mid to late-round quarterback."

"It seems like he's going to take his time and it is possible that he waits until after the draft to take advantage of a team who thought they were going to get (a quarterback) and did not end up taking one. Either way, Jameis Winston, still one of the biggest name free agents out there and he's willing to wait."

This actually lines up with exactly what Newton plans on doing according to a report that surfaced earlier this month. Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reported a few weeks ago that Newton is willing to be patient and possibly wait beyond the 2020 draft to sign on with a team -- that seems to fall in line with the current trajectory he's on. Fowler adds that Newton is "highly motivated" to get back to being a "high-level starter" somewhere in the NFL, but, again, starting openings are currently nonexistent. Fowler notes that things could become a bit clearer for Newton the longer he waits. Injuries could occur that may open up a starting spot for him, and the results of the NFL Draft may pave the way for a job as well. 

Both Winston and Newton are players who have starting potential. Obviously one is a former MVP who is now 30 years old and coming off of multiple injuries and the other is a young gun who recorded the NFL's first "30 and 30" season, but it's surprising that both are still looking for new NFL homes as we inch closer to May. 

Teams will change their focus after the draft, and some will still be searching for pieces they failed to pick up during the seven rounds of action. There will be franchises that planned on picking up a backup quarterback or even a prospective starter but did not for whatever reason -- whether the draft went a different way than they imagined or they decided to trade back after receiving an intriguing offer. That's when Newton and Winston's agents will begin to receive some calls.