If you thought Jarvis Landry might be content to rest on his laurels and collect a paycheck following his trade to the Browns and the subsequent massive contract GM John Dorsey gave him, well, you would be quite wrong. Landry, likely the team's top wide receiver when training camp breaks (Josh Gordon is AWOL), went on an epic "Hard Knocks" rant in Tuesday's premiere of the Browns training camp reality show on HBO.

The show as a whole was great: tons of drama involving Hue Jackson, plenty of colorful characters all around and a funny line from Gregg Williams about lozenges. But Landry was the star, the kind of guy HBO and NFL Films can focus an entire "Hard Knocks" series around. His speech is justifiably a top-five rant ever on "Hard Knocks," worthy of consideration for the top spot, even if it's not going to knock off Rex Ryan's snack attack. 

It happened with Landry speaking to the wide receiver group and launching into a tirade about guys being soft and lazy and not giving it their all on the field or taking plays/time off. He was not pleased with the group's effort. 

"I don't know what the f--- has been going on here," Landry said. "And I don't know why it's been going on here. But, if you're not hurting, if your hamstring isn't falling off the f---ing bone, your leg ain't broke, I don't know, you should be f---ing practicing. Like, straight up, that s--- is weakness. And that s--- is contagious as f---. That s--- ain't gonna be in this room, bruh. That s--- been in here in the past and that's why the past has been like it is, bruh. That s--- is over with, bruh. If you're gonna f---ing practice, f---ing practice. You can't get no better by being on the f---ing sideline if you ain't f---ing hurt. If you ain't f---ing hurt, you gotta f---ing practice. Because you make other m----rf---ers work even f---ing harder. Now he ain't gonna risk getting f---ing hurt because you ain't gonna f---ing practice, because you're being a b----.

"Straight up, man, that s--- is f---ing real bruh. That s--- ain't happening here. I'm just letting y'all f---ing know, that s--- is not f---ing happening here. I'm hurting, I'm tired, just like every f---ing body in this m-----rf---ing room. But I ain't taking no m----rf---ing days off, because I can't f---ing live that way. It's gotta be the attitude and the mentality all the f---ing time. All that other b--- s---, it don't live here no more. That s--- don't exist. It's contagious bruh. Like, it's really f---ing contagious. It's contagious."

I count 31 swear words in all. If you want to hear a safe-for-work version of the rant -- it's the bleeped out version above basically, go to the 5:30 mark below -- I included the rant in today's Pick Six Podcast (if you don't know, it's our NFL pod that drops Monday through Friday to get you ready for the day from an NFL standpoint, subscribe to the only daily NFL podcast right here). 

You can also watch the full, unedited version here, but obviously be warned there is tons of NSFW-language here.

Landry also had an incredible one-handed catch he took to the house and treated like a regular-season touchdown. He was on fire the whole show and even tweeted during it, almost immediately after the rant.

The Browns also appreciated it.

We're accustomed to talking about him as a guy who hogs up targets but doesn't convert them into much yardage (8.8 yards per catch last year), but what if he was just misplaced and misused with the Dolphins?

The Browns are dealing with some Josh Gordon drama right now, so it's entirely possible they have to turn to Landry as THE GUY on this team. If that's the case, he could end up being a bargain on his contract, which would certainly be a surprise given what we've seen from him earlier in his career. 

If his 2018 is anything like his opening salvo on "Hard Knocks," it's going to be impressive.