The Dallas Cowboys are under plenty of scrutiny headed into a 2016 season filled with high expectations. While the 2014 season showed promise for the Cowboys winning a title with Tony Romo and the current offensive setup, 2015 was a massive disappointment.

There were the injuries to Romo and Dez Bryant and the presence of Greg Hardy being an on- and off-field distraction. The offseason hasn't seen any major injuries, but there are abundant inquires about whether the Cowboys are filling the roster with the right people.

Rolando McClain has been suspended 10 games, while another defensive starter, Randy Gregory could also be staring down a 10-game ban after he was flagged again just before training camp for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. Still another -- DeMarcus Lawrence -- will miss four games. Were it not for the suspensions, Dallas would have a decent defense/pass rush.

And still Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are willing to defend the "great culture" around the team.

"This organization through the years has developed a great culture by bringing in the right kind of guys," Garrett said, via Lorenzo Reyes of USA Today. "But then you take some risks, you take some chances on some other guys to see if you can help them fit in that culture. We have a number of great success stories of guys fitting into that culture.

"Are we always right? No. One of the jobs we have is to provide the right structure to get the best out of guys, and it's always a work in progress. But I love the culture of our team. I love the character of our team. We're going to help the guys who aren't able to live up to that culture and, frankly, we're going to move on from some guys as well."

Jerry Jones defends the Cowboys' roster moves. USATSI

Jones believes there are "far more positives" ahead for the Cowboys than there were negatives in the past.

"We've got several challenges. We know where those are, but those are far overshadowed by the positives of our returning players that we didn't have last year," Jones said. "It's an exciting time. It's a positive time. I will tell you right now that it is far more positive to be sitting here with what we've got ahead of us over the weeks and months ahead, than it was at midpoints through last season.

"We are not going to let a few setbacks, a few notable setbacks, deter the fact that we are fortunate, we have many assets and we're going to put them on the playing field and win ballgames with them."

The Cowboys looked bit by karma last year. Bringing in Hardy was borderline arrogant and all season long it felt like they were a good team being punished for a very bad decision.

They could be quite good again in 2016, despite losing a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball to suspension.

Romo, Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott -- who is also under investigation in a domestic violence incident -- are a dangerous trio. If they all stay healthy and the offensive line produces the way it has the past two years, the Cowboys will be a dangerous team.

And if they're good on the field, the questions about how Jones built the roster will quickly evaporate. It might not be right, but it's the nature of football sometimes.