Things are going really well for the Jets, presuming the plan is to go 0-16 this season and secure the No. 1 pick. New York's least lovable franchise managed to produce an uninspiring performance yet again on Saturday as second-year quarterback Christian Hackenberg led the team to exactly zero points before being mercifully pulled at halftime

Many folks were wondering why Josh McCown, who did not receive much playing time last week either, didn't play during the second preseason game. McCown is the presumptive starter for New York this season, yet he's not getting reps, despite Todd Bowles telling the media last week McCown needed them.

Asked where McCown was Saturday, Bowles said the team decided "last minute" that McCown didn't need the reps. 

"Thursday night, we just decided that he didn't need it," Bowles said via the New York Daily News. "We wanted to see the other two guys. Josh has played in a million preseason games. At the last minute, we decided to make that decision."

There is some logic to playing Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. McCown is not the long-term answer with New York. He's a veteran designed to bridge the gap to whatever unimaginable future the Jets are staring at. Maybe Petty can be a future backup and maybe Hackenberg can show enough to convince the Jets they should not invest in another quarterback in the upcoming draft. 

But the way McCown is being treated is odd. According to Manish Mehta of the Daily News, when reporters approached McCown -- one of the nicest guys in the entire NFL and a team player if there ever was one -- after the game to ask what he thought about his playing time, the Jets apparently told him not to talk. From Mehta:

McCown was approached by two reporters just outside the locker room after the game. Although the veteran was amenable to chatting, he said that a media relations official told him: "Don't talk."

Classic Jets here. The reporters were going to ask McCown about not playing and McCown was going to give a team-friendly answer about needing to get the young kids playing time and how he's seen plenty of preseason reps and yada yada yada it's not a big deal. Instead, by drawing attention to the Jets interest in McCown NOT TALKING, the Jets are causing people to talk about him not talking. 

There was nothing before this incident that suggested the Jets were going to handle the quarterback situation well, and there is nothing in the preseason approach that suggests the Jets know what they're doing at the position, or with the roster in general. The only thing the Jets could do that would be more Jets would be managing not to secure a top-three pick in the upcoming draft and missing a shot at the top QB prospects