It appears the Denver Broncos had some competition last week when they decided to pull off a trade for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco

The February 13 trade between Baltimore and Denver basically came out of nowhere and there's a reason for that: According to 104.3 the Fan in Denver, the deal came "together quickly" because the Broncos didn't want to lose out on Flacco to another team, and apparently, there was at least one other team interested in making a deal for the veteran quarterback. According to both Sports Illustrated and the Fan, the other team trying to trade for Flacco was the Washington Redskins

Considering the Redskins quarterback situation, it's actually somewhat surprising they didn't try to outbid the Broncos, who landed Flacco by sending a reported fourth-round pick to Baltimore. The Redskins currently have one of the most precarious quarterback situations in the league right now and that's because the team currently has no idea if Alex Smith is going to be able to play in 2019. 

Smith, who suffered a season-ending compound leg fracture in Week 11, has undergone multiple surgeries on his leg in the months since his injury. Although the Redskins haven't really given an update on his health, Smith has been seen out in public multiple times over the past month and he's still wearing a giant brace/cast on his right leg. 

Due to the nature of the injury, it seems that most of his teammates aren't expecting him to play in 2019. As a matter of fact, running back Chris Thompson basically admitted that Smith playing during the upcoming season probably won't happen. 

"When I did talk to [Smith], he's staying about positive about it. We know and understand that it's probably not going to happen that we have him this year," Thompson told NBC Sports Washington last week, via "He's a hard working guy, He's gonna do whatever he can to get back, if he decides that he wants to put that workload on his leg again."

During an interview over the weekend, Redskins senior vice president of player personnel Doug Williams admitted that the team will probably be looking for a quarterback in free agency. 

"You know, we've still got time; we haven't really gotten into free [agency] yet," Williams told "I think once we sit down and meet with all the coaches and all the staff, which is supposed to start next week, [we will start] getting into the free agent[s] and looking at the board as to who's out there and who might possibly be out there."

When the Redskins start looking, they're going to notice that there's not much out there, unless Washington wants to add Nick Foles or Teddy Bridgewater. Of course, since the Redskins didn't land Flacco, they could always call the Broncos and see if Denver is interested in trading Case Keenum. If the Redskins can't find a starter in free agency or through a trade, then they'll be going into the 2019 season with Colt McCoy as their starting quarterback. McCoy, who has a 7-20 career record, took over as quarterback after Smith got injured and went 0-2 with the Redskins before breaking his leg in a Week 13 loss to the Eagles

So who else could the Redskins target? For a deeper look at this year's quarterback free agency class, be sure to click here