Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Lamar Jackson won't talk about his contract during the season, yet the former MVP quarterback made it clear he wants to be with the Baltimore Ravens long term. At the conclusion of the Ravens' 27-22 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thursday night, Jackson took the time to autograph a "Ravens, pay 'em now" sign and high five the fans that displayed it. 

Jackson didn't say much when asked about the sign on the "Thursday Night Football" postgame show, just agreeing with the analysts when they yelled to pay him. The humble Jackson smiled and said "for sure." 

Jackson reportedly turned down an offer from the Ravens that was worth over $49 million per season, eclipsing Russell Wilson's deal with the Denver Broncos in average annual salary and guaranteed money. After Deshaun Watson signed a $230 million contract with the Cleveland Browns that was fully guaranteed, that changed the game for Jackson. 

Jackson -- who represents himself -- turned down the Ravens offer. He bet on himself to earn even more money this coming season. He set the record straight on his contract after a Week 1 victory, refusing to discuss his contract during the regular season. 

"Respectfully, I'm really done talking about it," Jackson said back in September. "I told you guys before I was going to be done with it Week 1. Week 1 is over with; we're done talking about it."

Thursday's action was the first time Jackson has given signals on his contract since his self-imposed deadline ended. The Ravens quarterback has made his point -- he wants to be in Baltimore. 

The ball is in the Ravens' court.