The Cleveland Browns will be featured on HBO's "Hard Knocks" soon, but perhaps we should just rename the show "Breaking Browns" because the top two quarterbacks on the Browns depth chart are spending their training camp hanging out in a secret RV clubhouse out in the parking lot. 


THIS is what training camp and July and pre-football-football is all about. The Browns -- who are 1-31 in their last two seasons -- cobbling together an odd couple quarterback room featuring Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield and everyone buying into the fact they are doing something cool and smart and different with a secret RV clubhouse. 

Maybe they are! Total worst-case scenario they're just slightly better than they were last year right? Five wins would mean a huge step forward for the Browns (although one could argue they should have won four-to-six games last year but Hue Jackson held them back and now is managing to convince everyone that this team should be happy with anything resembling .500 and that we shouldn't be falling for it). 

Whatever! The Browns have an RV.

Cleveland's going to be great this season, at least in terms of an entertainment value to the rest of us. Jarvis Landry is out here telling people that the Browns can win the Super Bowl (!) and that anyone who doesn't have 40 scored on them by Cleveland should consider themselves lucky. (Congratulations to the lucky teams on the Browns schedule. You're so lucky.) 

At any rate, this is mostly just a great precursor to "Hard Knocks." At some point, NFL Films is going to find that RV and have a discussion about what's going on in there. And when they do, at some point Mayfield and Taylor will reveal what was happening in the RV.

Let's hope it's less sinister than Walter and Jesse had working.