LOOK: Brett Hundley fails to spot wide-open Jordy Nelson, misses easy Packers TD

Packers quarterback Brett Hundley is trying his best to replace Aaron Rodgers, which is pretty much an impossible task considering what Rodgers is capable of, and against the Lions Monday night, he once again demonstrated just how much the Packers miss their star quarterback. 

On the Packers' first series, their drive ended with a field goal attempt in part because Hundley was sacked by Tahir Whitehead. But the only reason Hundley got sacked? He failed to spot Jordy Nelson running uncovered downfield for what should've been an easy touchdown.

The Packers' field-goal attempt ended up getting blocked. To make matters worse, the Lions took advantage of the missed field goal (and a dumb unnecessary defensive penalty) to open up the scoring with a touchdown when Matthew Stafford found Marvin Jones down the sideline.

The biggest reason why the Lions will probably win on Monday night? They have a starting-caliber quarterback and the Packers don't. We saw that show up immediately in the first quarter.

You can follow all the action in our GameTracker here.

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