Quite a large sum of people have been victimized by Brock Osweiler throws over the years -- mainly Broncos and Texans fans -- but nobody more brutally than a poor bystander on the sidelines in Denver on Sunday night.

During the second quarter of the Patriots-Broncos game, Osweiler rolled out of the pocket and let a throw sail out of bounds to escape the oncoming New England rush. That throw sailed directly into the face of a gentleman who was ill-prepared to be Osweiler's checkdown guy. 

As hilariously unfortunate as that was for our victim in the blue coat, it's tough to feel bad for him considering he failed to show even an ounce of awareness on that sequence. If you're standing on an NFL sideline, you have to keep your head on a swivel and always be prepared to dodge a flying projectile and/or players steamrolling their way off the field. This guy had absolutely no reaction until he took the pigskin straight in the kisser. Then he dropped like a sack of bricks, as one does. 

However, he didn't get much help from the guy in the headset to his right. That gentleman attempted to use his play sheet to deter the incoming football, and -- shocker! -- it didn't help much. In fact, it may have screened the victim and done more bad than good. Then, on top of that, he didn't show a shred of sympathy in the aftermath of his neighbor's facial destruction. Just a very poor display of motor and character.

Anyway, I hope this guy is OK. Hopefully the NFL put him through something better than one of their four-second concussion tests to ensure his brain got all the help it needed.