During the third quarter of this week's "Thursday Night Football" game, Russell Wilson took a helmet-to-helmet hit Karlos Dansby. It wasn't immediately apparent that Wilson had a concussion, or even a head injury at all, but the referee proactively sent Wilson to the sideline to be examined in the medical tent -- just as he's supposed to when a dangerous hit to the head occurs. 

Wilson ran off the field, went into the tent... and then quickly jumped out of it, said he was fine, and returned to the field of play. 

It was baffling when it happened live, because that is not how the concussion protocol is supposed to work. And sure enough, a few days later, ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Seahawks violated the concussion protocol by allowing Wilson to do this, and are expected to face some sort of penalty. 

The Seahawks are expected to face consequences because once an official removed Wilson from the game to be examined, the star quarterback was required to go through the protocol, and he did not.

The NFL and NFL Players Association will jointly review the situation, interview members of the Seahawks organization early this week and come to a decision within the next couple of weeks, according to a source.

The Seahawks can be fined up to $150,000, although it's unclear what their penalty will be. The NFL announced Friday that it was conducting a "thorough review" of the situation.

It's not the first time the Seahawks have skirted an injury-related policy. Last year, the Seahawks failed to report Richard Sherman's MCL injury, and it was thought for a time that they might lose a draft pick because of it. Instead, they received only a warning. It's unknown at this point what punishment they'll receive for violating the concussion protocol, but with the precedent here, it would not be a surprise if the NFL went for the maximum allowable fine.