After Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall suffered a concussion against the Panthers on Thursday, some people came out and admitted that they were actually glad that it happened.

Marshall became a lightning rod for controversy before the game when he decided to join Colin Kaepernick's cause and kneel for the national anthem before the Broncos' 21-20 win over Carolina.

The linebacker's decision to kneel led to a backlash against Marshall on Twitter that started in the second quarter after he suffered a concussion. After suffering the injury, Marshall took a knee, and that's when Twitter lit into him, with most people saying that he deserved the injury or that the injury was due to karma.

Here's a small sample of some of the tweets.

And of course, there was one person who mentioned the karma train.

There were also people who were outwardly rooting for Marshall to be injured.

Since people on Twitter generally tweet first and think later, Marshall's decision to kneel during the national anthem also led to another issue: People started tweeting to Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

As for Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, the good news is that he eventually cleared concussion protocol and was allowed to return to the game. The bad news is that he lost a sponsorship on Friday due to his decision to kneel during the anthem.

The Air Academy Federal Credit Union chose to cut ties with the Broncos linebacker less than 24 hours after his protest.