LOOK: Raiders stun Chiefs with TD on final play in wildest ending of 2017 season

If you missed the Chiefs-Raiders game on Thursday, all you missed was possibly the wildest finish of the 2017 season. The Raiders shocked the Chiefs 31-30 after pulling off one of the craziest final drives that you'll ever seen in an NFL game. 

With just 2:25 left in the game, the Raiders forced a Chiefs' punt and that's when the fun started. Trailing 30-24 and needing a touchdown to win, Derek Carr and the Raiders offense took over on their own 15-yard line needing 85 yards to save their season. 

After driving into Chiefs' territory, the Raiders were faced with a fourth-and-11 that they had to convert if they didn't want to drop their fifth game in a row. On a play from Kansas City's 42-yard line, Carr came through in the clutch with a 13-yard pass to Jared Cook to keep the drive going. 

Three plays later, Carr and Cook connected again for what appeared to be a miracle touchdown. On a third-and-10 play from Kansas City's 29-yard line, Carr threw up a prayer into triple coverage and Cook SOMEHOW CAME DOWN WITH IT and the immediate ruling on the field was touchdown. 

However, after a quick review, officials ruled that Cook had been touched down at the one-yard line. 

Jared Cook came one-yard short of scoring a miracle touchdown.  NFL/CBS

At that point, the Raiders fell victim to one of the worst rules in the NFL rule book. Cook was ruled down with 18 seconds left, but since the refs had to stop the clock for a review, there was a 10-second runoff since the Raiders didn't have any timeouts. 

The runoff meant that the Raiders were going to get the ball at the one-yard line with eight seconds left and the clock was going to start rolling as soon as the ref blew his whistle. From the one-yard line, Carr threw a touchdown to Michael Crabtree, but the score was WAVED OFF due to an offensive pass interference call on Crabtree. 

The penalty pushed the Raiders back to the 10-yard line and gave them time to run one play with just three seconds left. On the play from the 10, Carr threw an incomplete pass, but the Chiefs were called for holding, which gave the Raiders another crack at the end zone after the half-the-distance to the goal line penalty was enforced. 

This time the Raiders got to run an untimed play from the five-yard line with a chance to win. On this play, there was another incomplete pass, but the game wasn't over, because the Chiefs were called for holding AGAIN.

The second holding call gave the Raiders another crack at the end zone from the two-yard line on an untimed play, and this time Carr was able to connect with Crabtree for a game-winning touchdown. 

Crabtree's offensive pass interference, the holding calls on the Chiefs and the final touchdown pass all came in the final three seconds. The Raiders ran a total of three plays in the game when there were ZERO seconds showing on the clock. 

After the score, Giorgio Tavecchio punched through the extra point for the 31-30 win. It was a wild final minute seconds that saw the Raiders run a total of seven plays in the final 30 seconds. Tavecchio's final extra point only added to the craziness because there was no guarantee he was going to make it. The Raiders kicker had already missed two field goals on the night. 

The drama paid off for the Raiders though as they saved their season with the dramatic win. 

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