The Alliance of American Football didn't last long enough to see a championship game get played, but one person did manage to get a championship ring and that person was Orlando Apollos coach Steve Spurrier. 

Although Orlando didn't technically win the AAF -- the league went bankrupt and folded before a champion was declared -- several Apollos employees decided to pitch in and get Spurrier a ring anyway, according to WFTV in Orlando

Here's what the only AAF championship ring in existence looks like. 

It might not be as gaudy as a Super Bowl ring, but Spurrier will certainly be able to brag that it's much more rare. There's only one AAF ring in existence, but there are thousands of Super Bowl rings out there. Last season, the Patriots handed out more than 230 alone following their 13-3 win over the Rams in Super Bowl LIII (That being said, let's be honest, no one is ever going to brag about having an AAF ring). 

If anyone was going to get a ring for winning the AAF, it's fitting that it's Spurrier. The Ol' Ball Coach led the Apollos to a 7-1 record, which was two games better than any other team in the league at the time the AAF went out business after eight weeks of action. Spurrier and the Apollos were also recognized as league champions by FanDuel, a company that paid out winnings to anyone who placed a straight bet on the Apollos to win the title.

Spurrier will now be able to add the AAF ring to his personal jewelry collection, which already includes one ring for winning a college national title while the coach at Florida in 1996.