For the first time ever, Miami hosted a Formula 1 race on Sunday and plenty of stars definitely showed up for the occasion, including Tom Brady

Not only was the Buccaneers quarterback on hand to watch Miami's inaugural F1 race, but Michael Jordan and David Beckham were also there, and we know that because Brady tracked them all down to get a group picture that also included F1 star Lewis Hamilton. 

It's not often you can round up four of the most successful athletes of all time to get a picture, but Brady managed to do it. Those four guys have won more than 30 championships combined. 

You know it's a star-studded event when Brady is arguably not the most famous athlete in attendance.

After taking a picture together, Brady and Jordan also shared a hug a little bit later in the day. 

I'm thinking these two guys should open up a restaurant and call it "13 rings" because that's how many championships they've combined to win. 

Of course, the fact that Brady was in Miami for the event did raise a few eyebrows on Sunday and that's because there were multiple reports this offseason suggesting that Brady was looking to join the Dolphins as both a minority owner and a player. The F1 race was hosted by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, who has been trying to woo Brady to Miami. 

Brady's contract expires after the 2022 season, so if he really wants to sign with the Dolphins, he'll actually be able to do it in March. 

As for the F1 race, Hamilton made an NFL comparison when asked how he felt about Miami getting a race. 

"At one stage we didn't have a Grand Prix here, then we only had one Grand Prix. Now we're expanding. I think this is going to be like our Super Bowl," Hamilton said, via "I am so happy to be in Miami. This is the sport's first time here and the anticipation of this event has just skyrocketed."

Although Hamilton didn't win on Sunday -- that honor belonged to Max Verstappen -- the F1 star did crack the top 10 with a sixth-place finish.