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The biggest news in the NFL on Wednesday was a notable loss that the Los Angeles Chargers recently suffered. Starting rookie quarterback Justin Herbert showed up to his media availability and the first thing reporters noticed was the lack of hair on his head. 

The quarterback said Wednesday that strength and conditioning coach John Lott was the man behind the clipper who turned Herbert's long locks into a buzz cut. Naturally, with such a sudden appearance change such as this, Twitter was in a frenzy over the haircut. 

It was reportedly his first haircut since 2017 or 2018. Herbert himself said he thought that Lott "did a good job," per the Athletic's Daniel Popper, but his teammate, right guard Trai Turner, wasn't as convinced.

Those who threw their takes onto Twitter seemed to be leaning towards what Turner said than what Herbert thought. The first place some people went to was how much younger the 22-year-old looked.

Then the jokes started flying about what kind of characters Herbert ended up looking like as a result of the buzzed head. The comparisons ranged from Toy Story to Star Wars.

Then there was a question of how exactly the haircut went, which a couple accounts tried to provide answers for.