'Madden' correctly predicted the score Sunday. (via EA Sports)

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Yours truly wasn't alone in correctly predicting the final score of Super Bowl 49 (seriously, I had 28-24 Patriots in a close win over the Seahawks). The folks at Madden 15 nailed the score, too.

Before the Super Bowl, EA Sports ran a projection for the Super Bowl and had the Patriots winning 28-24 in an incredibly close game.

The craziest thing? Madden predicted the Seahawks would go on a second-half run and take a 24-14 lead before the Patriots stormed back to win 28-24.

Madden also predicted Julian Edelman would catch the game winning touchdown pass and actually predicted the same kind of pass play.

The only difference? Madden had Julian Edelman diving in for a last-second score to win the game. In real life it was a defensive player that closed things out, but in equally dramatic fashion.