Carolina defensive coordinator Sean McDermott will unquestionably be one of the more in-demand head coaching candidates come January when interviews begin, and league sources said that if the Chargers were to make a head coaching change of their own, Mike McCoy would be a top candidate to work on McDermott's staff. Having McCoy as his offensive coordinator would allay any potential fears about the strength of McDermott's offensive staff and would further bolster his standing as a hot candidate in a year in which the NFL is primed for sweeping changes but short on "it" guys to step into those roles.

McDermott and McCoy worked together previously with the Panthers and share a mutual admiration. While the Chargers have given no indication of a coaching change yet, the fact they have lost seven straight games in a down year -- one in which they aimed for the playoffs and are in contention for the first-overall draft pick at a time in which they are trying to move into the Los Angeles market -- could be a daunting omen for the staff. McCoy would likely have some other head coaching options of his own under this circumstance, but a coordinator stint could be a landing spot as well.

McDermott's defense has been one of the NFL's best in Carolina for quite some time, but it is reaching a new pinnacle this season with the team unbeaten and receiving more national attention than perhaps ever before. With the Panthers honing in on the top seed in the NFC, and thus a first-round playoff bye, McDermott, who has already been considered for head coaching jobs in the past, would be prepared to interview with a multitude of teams that weekend before rejoining the Panthers, and it would not be a surprise to see him meet with four-to-six clubs at that point.

Sean McDermott will be a hot coaching candidate, particularly if Mike McCoy is brought aboard. (USATSI)
Sean McDermott will be a hot head coaching candidate. (USATSI)