Michael Jordan and Dez Bryant talk on the phone twice a week. (USATSI)
Michael Jordan and Dez Bryant talk on the phone twice a week. (USATSI)

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has set some lofty goals for the 2013 season -- like 2,000 yards receiving and 20 touchdown catches -- but maybe they're not so lofty, maybe that's just what happens when you're talking to Michael Jordan on the phone twice a week. 

According to Bryant's longtime mentor David Wells, Bryant has been talking on the phone with Jordan this offseason and regularly texting with the former Chicago Bulls star. He's also been receiving advice from Los Angeles Clippers free agent point guard Chris Paul. 

"They almost treat him like a little brother," Wells said of Jordan and Paul, via FoxSportsSouthwest.com. "Dez started listening to older people instead of the young guys. Those guys are both married and have stable lives. And that's something Dez craves."

The goal, according to Wells, is to help Bryant mature and become more of a leader, "That's one of the things [Jordan] preached to him," Wells said. "He wants him to develop as a leader."

Jordan started offering Bryant advice in May, when he told the fourth-year receiver to "stay out of trouble." Bryant was arrested last July and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence against his mom. 

To prove to Jordan that he could stay out of trouble, Bryant agreed to a three-year contract with Nike's Jordan Brand with a unique clause: it won't pay Bryant any money until year two of the deal, according to Fox Sports. Bryant is one of only seven NFL players signed to wear the Jordan Brand.

Maybe the shoes will propel Bryant to that 2,000-yard season, something that's never been done in NFL history.