Shortly after the Chiefs routed the Patriots 42-27 to open up the NFL season on Thursday night, the NFL Mexico Twitter account correlated the win to an earthquake that devastated Mexico. On Friday, the NFL apologized for its tweet. 

The original tweet is deleted, but here's a screenshot:

The translation, via the Los Angeles Times: "Of those times Mexico City shakes with an (hashtag) earthquake because it can't believe the (at) Chiefs have won the (hashtag) Kickoff2017 game."

NFL Mexico apologized Friday morning, writing "NFL México se disculpa por el inaceptable tweet de ayer, que no representa los valores de la liga. Reiteramos nuestra solidaridad con México." According to the Los Angeles Times, that translates to: "NFL Mexico apologizes for yesterday's unacceptable tweet, which doesn't represent the values of the league. We reiterate our solidarity with Mexico."

According to CBS News, the earthquake has killed at least 58 people and toppled hundreds of buildings in Mexico's southern coast. The country's capital "escaped major damage," CBS News reported.

The Patriots and Raiders are scheduled to play their Week 11 game in Mexico City on Nov. 19. According to Mark Waller, the NFL's VP of international, the league is hoping Mexico becomes its next London. 

"We have a tremendous fan base in Mexico," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in February. "Their passion for football is inspiring, and we look forward to another memorable game in Mexico City between two great teams next season."