Like most other stadiums, the new Las Vegas home for the Raiders is made to look like it's sleek and futuristic with a rather minimalist design. But also like some other stadiums, that very same design made Allegiant Stadium a target for a constant stream of jokes from NFL fans.

As many were quick to point out, the stadium resembles a Roomba, an automatic robotic vacuum. Once that connection clicked in people's heads, the puns began flying.

Some thought the stadium was designed to look that way because of the way the team inherently is.

Others thought it was an appropriate design for how they expected the team to do this season.

Heck, the stadium's resemblance to an overpriced piece of technology even transcends languages.

Anyways, here are other folks who noticed that this stadium looked like a Roomba.

Naturally, this isn't the first time a new stadium became the butt of jokes on the NFL side of social media because of its weird design. Early designs of the Atlanta Falcons new stadium that was finished in 2017 had some dubbing the retractable roof as the butt of a Transformer. When you consider that, Raiders fans most certainly got off rather easy with this ribbing.