Have you ever walked in on your parents watching rap videos and trying to dance and sing along to the lyrics. You know that awkward feeling of "How is it that I actually know people this uncool?" Well, that’s exactly what it felt like on the set of NFL Monday QB when the panel went into the vault to give Phil Simms a gift from Christmas past.

The gift was "The Phil Simms NFL Workout" shoot in 1987. It featured a svelte, boyish Phil in shorts so small they would make Larry Bird uncomfortable.

"Look at those shorts. Who are you, John Stockton?" Adam Schein exclaimed at Simms.

Phil claims those shorts were in style back then, hence why he wore them.

Sure they were, Phil.

"I don’t know whose idea it was to do this," Simms said. "They told me who was going to be on it and we had just won the Super Bowl, and I said, 'Hey, why not? I’ll do it.'

"All the celebrities were having workout videos. That was the reason behind it."

His outfit was completed with a thin gold plated chain. Really, Phil. Who works out with a gold chain on? 

Seeing Phil in an exercise video in which he does nothing related to football, surrounded by women in leotards, thongs and legwarmers, a la Flash Dance, felt like watching a dolphin walk down Broadway. Just. Plain. Weird.

Oh, but Phil wasn’t alone in this video. Oh, no. NFL legends like Eric Dickerson, Todd Christensen, Tony Dorsett, Rulon Jones, Gary Anderson, Phil McConkey and a groovy hip-shaking Reggie Williams joined in on the fun.

Reggie gets especially loose when he gets up in front of the class with the lady dressed in the Flintstones workout apparel. 
This is the stuff that belly laughs are made of.

If you’d like to buy one for your dad, Phil doesn’t think they are in stores anymore. He says, "You probably couldn’t give ‘em away."

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