It took less than one full day of joint practice for the Jets and Redskins to start brawling.

On Sunday, the first day of the teams' joint practices ahead of Thursday's preseason game, the Jets and Redskins got mixed up in a brawl that reporters in attendance described as "HUGE," "SERIOUS," and "crazy," which reportedly led to fans getting into a fight of their own. According to ESPN's Rich Cimini, there were two -- not just one -- fights between the teams.

Here's one account of the skirmishes:

The footage that has emerged is exactly what you'd expect: poor visibility of bodies clustered around each other, some pushing and shoving, fans cheering on the players, and too much NSFW language which makes the posting of those videos difficult.

But here's a sample of the brawl featuring the cleanest possible audio:

According to players, it started with a "cheap shot" by Jets cornerback Trumaine Johnson.

Morgan Moses left with an injury, but he's apparently OK.

This shouldn't be treated as an unexpected event. Fights at training camp, even when two teams aren't involved, aren't uncommon. And they're definitely not uncommon at joint practices. Throw in the animosity between Terrelle Pryor -- who signed with the Jets this offseason after a lackluster one-year run with the Redskins -- and the Redskins, and this was just an outcome waiting to happen.

"The boys are going to have it out for him," Redskins linebacker Zach Brown said in June on WTEM-AM The Team 980 in Washington, according to ESPN. "Oh, man, I can't wait to see that."

Sure enough, Pryor and Redskins cornerback Josh Norman did some talking, though the two of them avoided starting a fight.

After practice ended due to rain and lightning (Sunday really had everything to offer), Norman expressed his clear displeasure for joint practices.

"Wasn't like nobody knew that was going to happen in the first place," he told reporters, via The Washington Post's Kimberley A. Martin. "Now, these joint practices, you expect them to happen. Obviously, you get guys who come out here and try to get some good work. But other guys do some things that other guys just don't like, and that's kind of what happens. It's kinda crazy, but guys are trying to make teams on both squads, trying to do something extra than they normally would do. Guys just don't like this type of stuff. They take it in their own hands, and I guess melees happen. That's what happens when you get joint practices. Personally, I think practicing against ourselves would be better. But I don't make the rules and I sure don't make these calls."

Of note: The teams have two more days of practices until they face each other in an actual game on Thursday.