When the Massachusetts Department of Correction announced on Wednesday that Aaron Hernandez had been found dead in his cell due to an apparent suicide, the department noted that the former Patriots tight end didn't leave behind any type of suicide note. 

Although Hernandez didn't leave behind any type of letter, it appears that he did take a marker and write something on his own body prior to his death. According to WBZ-TV, the CBS Affiliate in Boston, when Hernandez was found on Wednesday, he had the words "John 3:16" written on his forehead. 

If you've never read the popular Bible verse, it reads as follows: 

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

WBZ also noted that Hernandez was found with markings that were drawn on both his hands and feet. Fox-25 in Boston noted that the markings were drawn on Hernandez's body with a "blood red" marker. Based on those markings, combined with the Bible verse, it's possible that Hernandez was trying to draw stigmata markings on his body before committing suicide. It's also possible the markings had a meaning that we'll never know, because Hernandez didn't leave a note behind.

The report from WBZ also added one other note about the ongoing investigation the former tight end's death: Authorities believe that Hernandez may have smoked a synthetic marijuana known as K2 just hours before he died. 

People who using K2 have shown dozens of "bizarre" side effects, including but not limited to acting erratically. 

Hernandez's lawyer and his former agent have both said that there's no way the former NFL tight end would've killed himself because he wasn't suicidal.