The Colts are a nine-game parlay short of making the playoffs. The team will probably end up missing the postseason and entering into an ugly offseason full of change. 

The change could be exacerbated by concerns over how Andrew Luck was handled. Originally, Luck missed a few games because of a shoulder injury. He may have come back too early.

According to Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star, Luck was still dealing with pain when he returned to the starting lineup for the Colts, and also suffered torn cartilage on his ribs when he returned.

So not only was Luck still injured when he came back (and therefore came back too early), but by coming back too early, he suffered additional injuries.

Additionally, Holder reports Luck "needed pain-killing injections and was quite limited by the injury, which impacted his throwing motion and likely his accuracy."

Luck wouldn't comment on the new information regarding his injuries. But he did say this week he always wants to be out there playing.

"Football players want to play football," Luck said. "You want to be out there playing. You feel like you're letting teammates down. You feel like you're letting people down. You watch [Hasselbeck] and Charlie [Whitehurst] battle and fight and be warriors. I watch Frank Gore playing his butt off week in and week out [and] you want to be out there with those guys. When you can't, it stinks."

Luck's 2015 was a nightmare season -- he played in just seven games, threw for less than 2,000 yards and still managed to throw 12 interceptions.

The Colts crumbled from their AFC South perch and, barring a highly unlikely scenario unfolding in the final week of the season, are going to miss the playoffs for the first time with Luck on the roster.

There are going to be heads rolling in Indianapolis soon, with all reports about Chuck Pagano indicating he's on his way out. Ryan Grigson could reportedly be in trouble as well. Luck's injury issues this season aren't anyone's fault, but the potential mismanagement of his health isn't going to help matters.

Luck's nightmare season is almost over. (USATSI)