Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski is always looking for his next gig and next up for him could be a stop inside a boxing ring. The three-time Super Bowl champion says he could be changing sports in the future.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, he didn't say no to the possibility of trying out boxing. 

He said:

"I feel like I would have interest in it for sure when I'm done playing football, because being football is just so competitive, that can actually keep my competitive spirits going for sure. But I would have to have that urge, you know, to do it and that will to do it too 'cause that's serious. It's not like you can do it overnight, that's some serious training. That's months and months and months of work. Months of training your brain, your body with all those counter movements, all those different types of movements with your body."

He continued, saying, "I would definitely say it would spark an interest. I wouldn't just shut that down right away when I'm done playing, but you never know."

Gronkowski retired from football in 2018, but returned to join his former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on the Bucs. Together the two did what they do best and won another championship, making history as the first team in the NFL to win a Super Bowl in their own stadium.

For now, football is the path for the four-time Super Bowl champion, but he has tried a hand in other ventures in the past. He was brought into the professional wrestling world during his first football retirement. The 31-year-old hosted WrestleMania 36 and won the WWE 24/7 Championship.