For the past 52 years, every Super Bowl has had one thing in common: They've all been played on a Sunday. However, not everyone is happy with that arrangement. 

Over the past few years, fans have been begging the NFL to move its biggest game to a Saturday with everyone from Forbes to the Atlanta Journal Constitution to Men's Health to ESPN's Kenny Mayne telling the league that a Saturday Super Bowl would make way more sense. Despite those requests, don't look for the NFL to move the day of the game anytime soon.  

So why won't the league play the Super Bowl on a Saturday?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell answered that exact question this week during an interview on "The Kyle Brandt Football Experience." Basically, it comes down to one main thing and that main thing is television ratings. 

"That [idea] has been around for a long time, people have talked about that," Goodell said of moving the Super Bowl to a Saturday. "The reason we haven't done it in the past is simply just from an audience standpoint. The audiences on Sunday night are so much larger. Fans want to have the best opportunity to be able to see the game and we want to give that to them, so Sunday night is a better night."

The argument for holding the game on a Saturday basically comes down to fan convenience. If the game is held on a Saturday, then people can get as crazy as they want at their Super Bowl party and not have to worry about working the next day. Also, kids would be able to watch the entire game and not have to worry about attending school the next day. 

Of course, Goodell's point is also completely valid and it's why the NFL will almost certainly never move the game from its current day. With the game on a Sunday, the Super Bowl has produced nine of the 10 most-watched television shows in history. 

That being said, if there's one solution that could make everyone happy, it's putting the game on the Sunday before Presidents Day. Most people have that Monday off, so you get all the fun of a Saturday night Super Bowl, but with the game being played on a Sunday. Although it's unlikely this would happen under the NFL's current format -- because it would mean starting the season two weeks later -- the Presidents Day weekend Super Bowl could be possible if the league ever decides to extend the regular season to 18 games or if a second bye was added to the regular season schedule. 

Anyway, the Super Bowl is being played on a Sunday this year (Feb. 3) and since it's on CBS, you should make sure you watch.