Runaway llamas caught near Phoenix earn 1-year deals with Cardinals

If you're of the opinion that Twitter is a mostly useless exercise in wasting time we'd like to point you to the real-time, wall-to-wall coverage of those escaped llamas making their way through Sun City, Arizona on Thursday.

It was riveting stuff, at least if you were trying to avoid real work. Either way, the llamas are in custody and llamas memes have promptly -- and predictably -- taken over the internet. And that includes the NFL.

No word if Bruce Arians and/or Carson Palmer cried upon hearing the news.

There's more (of course there is)!

And more...

Brace yourself...

And our nomination for the worst llama-related tweet:

All right, everyone, back to pretending to work.

Expect there to be a llama combine in 2016. (CBSN)
Don't be surprised if there is a llama combine in 2016. (CBS News)
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