A year after his agent identified four preferred trade destinations, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson insists his focus is on playing in Seattle -- for now. Speaking with SB Nation's Rob Guerrera ahead of Super Bowl LVI, the nine-time Pro Bowler reiterated that he's preparing for an 11th season with the Seahawks, but declined to elaborate on previous trade speculation, some of which was fueled by his own agent.

"No, man, I'm focused on where I'm at right now," Wilson said when asked if his list of four preferred teams still applies. "Just to be in Seattle, it's been a blessing to play 10 years there, so hopefully we get to win more Super Bowls there. That's my focus, that's my plan and that's where my head's at."

Asked if something changed between last offseason and this offseason, Wilson suggested his reported discontent in Seattle was never as drastic as headlines indicated.

"I think that part of it is the media likes to expand some things as part of the game, part of entertainment, part of sports," he said. "You know, for me, the reality about sports is things always change, they're always evolving, always changing. So for me, I'm just staying focused on the moment, staying focused on where I am right now."

Pressed to address his agent specifically identifying preferred landing spots, however, Wilson laughed off a chance to clarify his previous position regarding a potential trade.

"It is what it is," he said. "And I think it's part of the game. It's part of stuff that happens ... It is what it is. It's what makes the game fun ... I'm focused on Seattle right now, though. I'm focused on where I'm at. But yeah, you see that in any sport, I think a lot of players move and change, but for me, I'm focused on Seattle and where I'm at right now."

Wilson, who reportedly had an agreement with ESPN not to discuss his Seahawks future during a late-season "Monday Night Football" appearance, is under contract with Seattle through the 2023 season.