Nowadays, it's more common than not to find NFL players on social media.

It is uncommon, however, to find NFL players who are more active on social media than Antonio Brown and Richard Sherman.

That's according to Socialbakers, an AI-powered social media platform that tracks some of the NFL's most popular names across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and records how often each player interacts with fans through those channels. By documenting every post and subsequent like, repost, retweet or fan interaction, Socialbakers determines how many total "social interactions" the players are experiencing off the field.

And in the most recent statistics, logged from Sept. 6-19, it's clear that no one really comes close to Brown and Sherman in terms of frequenting social media. Here's a look at some of the most prominent totals:

Richard Sherman: 14,282 interactions (Facebook), 49,320 (Twitter), 465,929 (Instagram)
Antonio Brown: 808 (Facebook), 345,101 (Twitter)
Carson Wentz: 179,221 (Twitter)
Odell Beckham Jr.: 16,298 (Facebook), 109,172 (Twitter)
Julio Jones: 95,595 (Instagram)

The interactions, of course, stem not only from player posts but from fan responses, so a massive following may very well lead to massive responses, but anyone who follows the Shermans, Browns, Carson Wentzs and Odell Beckhams of the world shouldn't be surprised to learn they aren't unafraid to use their voice on social media.

Brown, in particular, has made a handful of headlines just via Twitter in recent weeks, first threatening a reporter and then using the words "trade me" to respond to fan criticism. Others, like Wentz, have simply been active in sharing thoughts, such as about his own return to the field for the Philadelphia Eagles, through tweets.