Last week, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians confirmed what most of us already figured to be true: He was "pissed" that the Steelers fired him as offensive coordinator following the 2011 season.

This is again a story four years later because Arians was the subject of an interview for HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, which premieres on Tuesday night. On Tuesday morning, Andrea Kremer, who conducted the interview, spoke to PFT Live.

"We did contact the Steelers, and we asked them if they had a comment on this," she said. "And they said, 'Look, this is ancient history for us. [Coach] Mike [Tomlin] has already talked about this.' But [they] made it clear that this was Mike Tomlin's decision, to fire Bruce Arians."

And this isn't the Steelers throwing their head coach under the bus. That's the same story Tomlin has been telling since Arians was let go.

"I thought that it was time for change," Tomlin said in March 2012, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "We're moving into a situation here where we have an opportunity to grow and develop some young talent offensively. It's awesome to have an opportunity to maybe have the division of some common opponents -- people who are comfortable with how you play football -- get uncomfortable. That's what's going to happen to us this year. We're excited about that.

"More than anything, I'm not going to apologize for change. That's football. I think all of us in this industry understand that, and our intentions are that it changed for the better."

Bruce Arians and Mike Tomlin share a word before a game last season. USATSI

Tomlin was also emphatic that Arians' departure had nothing to do with team president Art Rooney II.

"I don't know where some of these perceptions come from," Tomlin said at the time. "I don't break my neck to try to combat them in any way. I don't know where they come from. And I hired Todd Haley as well, which is your next question, which is another funny one to me. And don't get me wrong, of course, Art Rooney owns the football team, he can do what he wants to do, but those directives did not happen."

Meanwhile, back in the present, Arians gave his account of how things originally went down with Tomlin. After the 2011 season, he was hoping for a new contract, one that included a raise.

"[Tomlin] said, 'I can't get you the money,'" Arians recounted to Kremer. "I said, 'OK.' He said, 'No, I can't get you a contract.' I said, 'Are you firing me?' He said, 'No.' Well, it's just a matter of words, Mike, OK. If I don't have a contract, I'm fired.'"

Not surprisingly, Arians said he felt betrayed by the organization, one he helped to two Super Bowl appearances, including a championship following the 2008 season. In the end, getting canned helped advance his career; Arians was the offensive coordinator in Indianapolis in 2012, and parlayed a fantastic season with then-rookie Andrew Luck into the Cardinals' gig. In three seasons in Arizona, Arians is 34-14, including playoff appearances in 2014 and 2015.