Steve Smith does not mince words. The Ravens wide receiver is willing to take up against anyone, anytime and anywhere if he feels it's necessary.

Add Josh Brown to that list. Recently released police documents show the Giants kicker admitted that he abused his wife -- he was suspended one game despite some surprisingly gory details -- and the Ravens wideout didn't appreciate the news.

Smith took to Twitter and Sqor and blasted Brown for his actions and the NFL for not suspending him for a longer period of time.

The decision to suspend Brown only one game was mystifying given the details uncovered about the multiple allegations from his ex-wife.

You don't need to be a husband or a father to get upset about what Brown allegedly did: It's horrifying.

The NFL did announce on Thursday that it will be re-opening its investigation into Brown in light of Wednesday's developments, according to ESPN's Dan Graziano:

"In light of the release of these documents yesterday, we will thoroughly review the additional information and determine next steps in the context of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy. We will not be making any comments on potential discipline until that time."

It's not hard to imagine why Smith would be upset. He's just one of those people who isn't scared to tell the world how he feels.