Did you ever have millions of dollars to spare and just so happen to love the Philadelphia Eagles' chances of dethroning this era's greatest NFL dynasty in the Super Bowl?

Someone did this year.

As noted by Jay Rood to SportsLine, vice president of race and sports for MGM Resorts' sports books, somebody placed a "multi-million-dollar bet" either on the Eagles covering the Super Bowl LII spread or outright beating the New England Patriots on Feb. 4.

Rood did not specify exactly how much the bettor wagered, but he did confirm that it was "one of the largest reported bets in recent years in Nevada."

If other reports regarding the historic bet are any indication, Bleeding Green Nation's Brandon Lee Gowton noted, the big bettor may very well have banked on an outright win by the Eagles -- and might have a stellar track record for million-dollar gambles:

The referenced bettor here, by the way, picked all six 2017 World Series games correctly before cashing out with $14 million prior to Game 7.

The multi-million-dollar bet, of course, isn't the only big money flying around in advance of the Super Bowl. Rood also told ESPN that five- and six-figure wages have also come in, most of which have been leaning in the Patriots' favor and some of which have totaled as much as $80,000.