Eli Manning has long been a beloved quarterback outside of New England for his general goofiness, which made the news of his benching on Tuesday all the more shocking. The two-time Super Bowl MVP will not start on Sunday, and Geno Smith will instead get the reins. Predictably, the news was met with pity for Manning and vitriol for Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese. Suffice it to say that in spite of the jokes, Twitter does not like when coaches bench legacy players.

It's a mix of despair and anger on Giants Twitter. It definitely has the end of an era vibe. Manning was the quarterback there forever, as ESPN's Darren Rovell pointed out.

Other people, well, all they could do is laugh.

All-in-all, it was a shocking move, and people really aren't taking it well. Manning was clowned in New York, often, but if you're going to bench him it's for a guy that will make a transition easier, not Smith. That's what seems to be rubbing people the wrong way, along with the pity offer of continuing to play just to keep the streak alive. People are angry, but for Manning, the emotion seems to be more disbelieving sadness.