The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a huge offseason last year that eventually led to a Super Bowl victory. Not only did they sign former New England Patriots star Tom Brady, but they also traded for his former tight end -- the previously retired Rob Gronkowski. Brady is enjoying a fun offseason this year after his seventh Super Bowl victory, and received a call from his tight end during a golf outing against Aaron Rodgers.

Brady and golf star Phil Mickelson are facing off against Rodgers and golf star Bryson DeChambeau in a charity event dubbed "The Match." During the broadcast, several stars made guest appearances virtually, such as former U.S. President Barack Obama and then of course Gronkowski. During Gronk's call-in, he joked that he was the one who told Brady to sign with the Buccaneers in free agency last offseason. 

"I recruited Tom to Tampa, he didn't recruit me," said Gronkowski. "I told him he was going to Tampa so he went to Tampa."

Brady wouldn't confirm if Gronkowski's words were true, but did say that he had to bring Gronk along for this new venture.

"Worked out nice, it was a team decision -- how could I go somewhere and not bring the greatest tight end in NFL history?" said Brady. "What he's done is unbelievable and he's still got more to prove. You know what, the great thing about having him is when I make crappy throws, he pulls them in just kind of like my partner just did. I just yanked one left into the woods and my partner knocks it to 12 feet. So I got Phil Mickelson as a partner out here, I got Gronk as my great friend and teammate. How good is it for me?"

Brady then quipped that he was worried if Gronkowski was spending too much time at the beach, since the Buccaneers reconvene for training camp in a little less than three weeks. Gronk responded saying he was actually more worried about Brady, who seemingly has been having too much fun this offseason. 

With Rodgers on the line, it was hard for the Tampa twosome to ignore what has been the biggest NFL storyline this offseason. The Green Bay Packers quarterback has been holding out and reportedly wants a trade. Naturally, the Packers have no desire to trade the NFL's reigning MVP, but some believe it's possible Rodgers could even retire if he doesn't get what he wants. Brady told Gronkowski not to worry about his preparation this offseason, as he's studying his competition in Rodgers -- albeit on the golf course. Brady said Rodgers is the leader of the Packers, "I think."

Gronkowski then told his teammate that he was "studying the wrong guy," and that Rodgers looks like he could be on the way to retirement. 

"You're studying the wrong guy, man," said Gronkowski. "Aaron looks more lazy now than I did in retirement, Tom."  

Before things could get too out of hand with Rodgers also on the line, Brady chimed in saying that the NFL's MVP is focused, and is prepared to have a good 2021 season. 

"He's dialed in," Brady said. "He's going to have a good year."

The NFL world awaits to see what will happen between the Packers and their star quarterback. But you know Packers fans don't appreciate other stars joking that he won't be in Green Bay this upcoming season.