If you've never been to an NFL game due to the fact that ticket prices are slightly out of your budget, I have some fantastic news for you: If you have five dollars in your pocket, then you can afford to attend a game this week, and you don't have to watch the winless Bengals.

As of Thursday afternoon, there are actual NFL tickets that are selling on the secondary market for under $5. Of course, like all good deals, these tickets do come with a catch: You need to live near Washington DC, have a high tolerance for bad football and be willing to sit through three hours of watching either Jeff Driskel or Dwayne Haskins lead an NFL offense. 

If you can handle those three things, then these are the perfect tickets for you. The cheapest tickets for Sunday's game in Washington between the Lions and Redskins are currently being sold by Seat Geek, where multiple tickets are currently being sold for $4.

At that price, you could literally take 20 friends to the game for under $100. If you decide to buy alcohol, there's a good chance that your rum and coke will end up costing you more than twice the price of your ticket.

Sure, the biggest downside of the cheap tickets is that you have to watch the Redskins for three hours, but that doesn't seem like such a horrible deal when the ticket is only costing you $4. 

Of course, those $4 tickets are in the upper deck and not everyone wants to sit there, which I totally understand. If you're not a fan of the nosebleeds, Stubhub has some better seats that you can pick up for the low, low price of just $17. If you want end zone seats that are just 20 rows away from the field, those will cost you just $16.95 per ticket.

Lions-Redskins tickets are going for cheap. StubHub

Although attending a game during the month of November in the DC area can sometimes be a frigid affair, Mother Nature clearly wants you to buy these cheap tickets because the forecast for Sunday's game is calling for a high of 50 degrees and sunny skies, which is about as perfect as the weather can get there at this time of year. 

If you go hunting for the $4 tickets and find that they're all sold out, don't worry, StubHub has plenty of tickets under $10 as well.

If you do end up going to the game on Sunday, just remember, there's a good chance your day is going to go a lot like this guy's day went last year. 

Tickets to the game? Four dollars.

Price for a beer? Eight dollars. 

Chance to permanently regret your decision to become a Redskins fan? Priceless.