It's not easy to cause NFL fans across America to melt down on one play, but that's basically what Rams running back Todd Gurley did on Sunday with his final carry of the game during Los Angeles' thrilling 29-27 win over Green Bay. 

With 1:05 left to play and the Rams clinging to a two-point lead, L.A. decided to give the ball to Gurley on a huge third-and-10. If he converted, the game would be over. However, if he failed to get the first down, the Rams would have to try a field goal and then give the ball back to Aaron Rodgers

The good news for the Rams? Gurley converted. 

The bad news for fantasy players and gamblers around the world? Gurley purposely decided not to score a touchdown.  

Let's watch the play. 

Ouch. That play was a dagger through the heart for millions of fantasy players who were hoping that the Rams star would get in the end zone. It also led to an estimated $1 million swing in at the sportsbooks in Las Vegas. 

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Let's start with the gamblers. The Rams closed as a 7.5-point favorite at most sports books, and most of that money was on the Packers, so bettors DIDN'T want Gurley to score. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Gurley's decision not to score caused a roughly $1 million swing at sportsbooks in Sin City.  Of course, the twist here is that the house lost as the swing worked in favor of the thousands of bettors who took the Packers to cover the spread. 

Although Gurley's decision helped out bettors, it didn't work out so well for fantasy players. Gurley's decision to stop short of the end zone cost fantasy players roughly six points and left many of them sad. 

So what was Gurley's reaction to all of this? He's definitely not concerned about Vegas or fantasy owners. 

"Man, forget fantasy and forget Vegas today. We got the win, so that's all that matters," Gurley said after the game, via the team's official Twitter account

If anything, everyone should be thanking Gurley. For bettors, he won most of them money. On the fantasy end, he racked roughly 25.5 points in standard scoring leagues and if you can't win with that kind of production from your running back, then maybe you didn't deserve to win.