If there's was one player on New England's roster who wasn't celebrating after the Patriots' win on Sunday, it's definitely Tom Brady. Yes, the Patriots escaped Buffalo with a 16-10 win, but Brady probably won't be bragging about his performance anytime soon and that's because the quarterback threw for just 150 yards, while also throwing zero touchdown passes along with one interception. The game marked just the third time since the beginning of the 2016 season that Brady has been held to 150 yards or less. 

Although Brady spent some time celebrating the win on social media Monday, he had a much different reaction during an interview on Westwood One Radio. Apparently, Brady was so upset with his performance in Buffalo that it ruined his flight home. 

"Yeah, I mean, the flight home [on Sunday] sucked. The night of sleep sucked," Brady said, via NBC Sports Boston. "You watch the film, and that sucks, and then you just lick your wounds, and you get up and you try to do better the next week."

Even though Brady was upset with himself, he was able to see the silver lining: The Patriots were able to win even though he struggled. 

"We've lost a lot of games playing poorly, and sometimes, when you don't play well on offense, but you play well defensively, you win," Brady said. "We're not just going to give that game away and say it should have been a loss. Look, our defense is playing great. Our offense has played pretty well over the course of the season. We just didn't play well [on Sunday] on the road in Buffalo, which a lot of teams have struggled there over the years. We've struggled there over the years, even when we've had some spectacular seasons."

In a separate interview with WEEI in Boston, Brady admitted that he was having "mixed emotions" about the win. 

"I am frustrated when we don't play well," Brady said. "I am frustrated when we don't score points. I am happy when we win. It's a lot of mixed emotions. I think when you win a game it's never like, 'Man, I am 100 percent in great spirits.' Certainly when you lose sometimes it's not like I am 100 percent negative. I am trying to be realistic about how I felt out there with how the game was going and our rhythm. I am just dealing with a lot of different emotions, the ups and downs, the mental grind of the game, the physical grind of the game. It's a lot of mixed emotions."

Brady probably shouldn't be too concerned with his performance and that's because the Bills just seem to have his number. The game on Sunday marked the third straight year that Brady has gone to Buffalo and thrown zero touchdown passes. As a matter of fact, in Brady's last 25 games, he's only been held without a touchdown pass four times, and three of those have come in Buffalo. 

With the dreaded Bills game now behind him, Brady is now just going to look to improve. 

"I'm very happy we're 4-0," Brady said. "But there's definitely things we can improve on that we're going to need to improve on, and the way to do that is to go out there and practice every week, and try to evaluate the things that you haven't done a good job at and see if you can correct them, and if you can't correct them, then you throw them out, you don't try them again, and that's how it goes as the season goes along."

The good news for Brady is that he should be getting somewhat of a breather this week. After taking a beating in Buffalo, the Patriots will be traveling to Washington to face a Redskins team that's surrendering 399.3 yards per game this year, which is the fifth-worst total in the NFL