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This time last year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were licking their wounds from a 7-9 campaign and dreaming of what it would be like to make the playoffs or play in the Super Bowl. Fast forward to this year, and the Bucs' players are spending this week enjoying speaking to reporters about playing Super Bowl LV in their home stadium. Tampa Bay made several big moves this offseason that helped the Buccaneers get to this point, but none was bigger than signing arguably the best quarterback of all time in Tom Brady, who will be playing yet another Super Bowl. 

Brady will be playing in his 10th Super Bowl this Sunday, and is out to earn win No. 7. If his 2008 season is counted out due to the ACL tear he suffered in the season opener, Brady has ended 50 percent of the seasons he has played in "the big game." His goal every season has been to make the Super Bowl, and it has become an expectation. Brady brought that level of expectation down from New England to Tampa, and it's still something his teammates are getting used to. 

Super Bowl LV is almost here, and you can watch it for free on the CBS Sports App.

This week, Buccaneers star linebacker Lavonte David joined the "All Things Covered podcast with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden" to talk about the magical season the Buccaneers are trying to conclude with a Super Bowl victory. David was asked about how vocal Brady has been when it comes to his Super Bowl experience, and he said that something happened recently that really resonated with him. 

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According to David, when the Buccaneers were celebrating their NFC Championship win over the Green Bay Packers a couple of weeks ago, some players became emotional, and Brady brought them back down to earth real quick. 

"When I realized that it was real -- when I realized that it was like, all the other stuff don't really matter unless it was the Super Bowl was after we won the NFC Championship," said David. "You know me, I'm all happy and s--- it was my first one, I'm geeked up. But then, I guess someone was crying, and I heard (Brady) just like, 'What the f--- you crying for, we not done yet!' 

"He was right. I had two little tears too so I wiped my s---." 

There is no doubt that Brady's leadership throughout the entire season has helped this inexperienced Buccaneers team maneuver through the postseason. It also will help them prepare for the biggest game of the year, and if the Bucs win, Brady may even allow his teammates to cry in the locker room.